What is IronMist?

IronMist is a solution offering anonymity and distributed security and privacy.

Conceals user’s location.

Encrypts information in every step.

Provides attackers with bogus location data.

How does IronMist works?

IronMist Desktop: for both Windows-based and Macintosh-based computers.

IronMist App: app for IOS.

IronMist Manager: central console allowing to manage several terminals.

Manual, random o last node route selection.

Reasons that make IronMist unique

Works on PCs, Mac or IOS-based mobiles (the only one in the market).

Encryption: 256 bits plus three 128 bits layers.

Design customised to servers’ location.

Possibility of including the client’s dedicated routers.

Configurable exit routes.

Continuous network monitoring.

Designed and developed in Spain.